Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Installation & Repairs

At Energy 4 Less, we’ve been installing solar panels for many years. With this experience plus a dedicated technical team, we will exceed your expectations.

Our solar panels are easy to use, guarantee years of low energy bills, dependable, and safer. Here are some of the products we use for our solar installation:

  • SolarEdge + LG
  • Hannah Kessel Solar
  • Solar Edge Inverters
  • IG Home & Commercial Battery Backups
  • Tesla Panels
  • IG Solar Panels

Give us a call or send a message today so we can schedule the solarizing of your commercial property.

Residential Solar Installation & Repairs

The technical team at Energy 4 Less will install highly-efficient solar panels that are made to last up to 25 years. And while doing this, we’ll use solar panels which blend with your roof seamlessly, giving it a modern, attractive look.

Besides saving you money, residential solar installation will make your home more valuable and lower carbon emissions.

And to ensure that your solar panel remains functional, we’ll conduct remote monitoring using our advanced monitoring units. This way, we’ll identify technical hitches fast and rectify them.

Energy4less Buyer’s Guide: Solar Panel

Browse and compare solar panels from top manufacturers on the Energy4less Buyer’s Guide. to find out about other solar power system components, visit Energy4less solar inverter and solar array buyer’s guides.

Solar panels are the key component in any residential, commercial, or utility-scale solar power system. Use this guide to match solar array options and understand which products are best for your installation.

Solar panel buyer’s guide

There are thousands of solar panels available – how does one know which of them to use for your installation? Some important aspects to think about when selecting solar panels include panel type, cost, wattage, efficiency, and warranty offering. All of those aspects plus more are considered in each solar panels’ quality rating.


Types of solar panels

Solar panels are generally broken into two groups by cell type: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

While there are other sorts of solar array technologies that exist (like thin-film cells), the bulk of photovoltaic solar panels available for installation are either monocrystalline or polycrystalline, and are made out of silicon.

The main advantage of putting in a solar plus storage energy system is that it gives you the power to use solar electricity even when the sun isn’t shining. once you install a solar array system without A battery , excess electricity that your system generates is shipped back to the grid. With a solar array , that energy are often stored and drawn on when the sun goes down, and you’ll only got to draw and buy energy from the grid when your battery is depleted.

Monocrystalline solar panels are thought of as a premium solar product and are made with silicon wafers cut from one crystal, hence the name “monocrystalline”. generally , monocrystalline panels are capable of upper efficiencies than polycrystalline panels.

Polycrystalline solar panels also are made up of silicon, but their cells are made by melting together many fragments of silicon instead of from one silicon crystal. While polycrystalline solar panels usually have lower efficiencies than their monocrystalline counterparts, they often have a lower cost point.

Solar panel efficiency

What does it mean for a solar array to possess a better or lower efficiency than another panel? Simply put, solar array efficiency may be a measure of a solar panel’s ability to convert incoming sunlight into usable electricity. this is often important because higher efficiency panels produce more energy with less space than lower efficiency models. Most solar panels today have efficiencies starting from 15% to twenty , but some manufacturers sell panels that exceed 20% efficiency ratings.

Solar panel cost

The cost of a solar array installation varies by location, property type, and, of course, the panels used for the installation. Premium solar array products with high efficiencies and advantageous warranties usually cost extra money upfront but offers higher potential long-term savings.

The simplest thanks to evaluate the worth of a solar array installation is in dollars per watt ($/W). almost like comparing dollars per sq ft when buying a home, $/W helps standardize the value of solar by showing the value of solar on a per watt basis. Currently, the typical price of a solar array system install within the U.S. is $2.99/W.

The best thanks to estimate what proportion a solar installation will cost you is with Energy4less Solar Calculator. Our tool takes under consideration what proportion sunlight you’ll get, local electricity rates, also as any state and federal solar incentives like rebates and tax credits

The Energy4less solar panel rating system

The Energy4less arrangement incorporates technical specifications for solar panels to match their performance, durability, warranty and overall quality. By assessing each product across a variety of metrics, the EnergySage scoring system groups equipment into five different classifications: Poor, Fair, Good, excellent and Excellent.

Solar panels rated as Poor or Fair are at the low end of what’s currently available within the market, or could also be outdated models not produced by manufacturers and infrequently stocked by solar installation companies. Equipment receiving Good, excellent or Excellent ratings must meet a baseline set of criteria rigorously developed in order that you’ll be confident that your solar power system will meet your needs.

Local North Carolina Solar Installation

If you’ve been scouring those generic lists of solar companies in North Carolina to no avail, we’re here to inform you you’re in luck! At Energy 4 Less Solaris, nothing we do is generic. From the second you call our l. a. office to the ultimate touches of your new solar panel, you’ll receive the 5-star solar array installation experience that you simply deserve.

Other top residential solar companies in l. a. use our excellence as an example! We’re proud to be the leading solar array contractor in l. a. and that we pride oneself within the reputation that we’ve built over the years.

From the very second you opt to travel solar with Energy 4 Less Solaris, you’ll meet together with your solar representative and be assigned a project coordinator who are going to be your reliable point of contact to answer all of your solar power questions.

Our solar representatives will analyze your bills and assist you choose a solar energy system that’s tailored to your specific needs. Whether your goals are to measure comfortably during those hot l. a. summers without fear that AC bill, or if your goals are to sell energy back to the LADWP grid, Our Solaris will keep your goals in mind during every step of your solar panel installation.

If you don’t need it, we won’t sell it. What an idea , right? When it involves taking care of our solar customers, we treat you wish family because at the top of the day, we are all only one big l. a. community trying to save lots of money and protect our surroundings . Going green may be a team effort and we’re proud to serve you together with your solar needs.

How to choose a Solar Company in NC

In l. a. , there’s tons of competition to be the simplest solar company but finding the simplest solar company in NC, well, that’s a special story.

First and foremost, read customer reviews. the foremost important thing a few solar array company is their ability to speak with the customer and treat them like they’re #1. confirm to see out any solar company’s credibility on third party review sites like Yelp. At Energy 4 Less Solaris, we pride oneself in our customer reviews and testimonials and make an attempt to reply back to all or any of our customers’ questions and concerns.

North Carolina is for Locals:

NC tourism bustles year round, but the one thing you ought to confirm of is that your solar panel company is local to l. a. . This isn’t just a spiel about l. a. pride. It’s vital to rent an area solar contractor that has experience with North Carolina ’ unique solar and electric regulations.

As you’ll know:

North Carolina County uses its own separate utility company, the l. a. Department of Water and Power (LADWP). the simplest thanks to avoid any mishaps in your solar installation is to rent an area solar array company like Semper Solaris. Our l. a. office employs the simplest team of solar array technicians and representatives who have installed many rooftop solar panels for l. a. County residents.

Our team will assist you with solar permitting for any city in l. a. County and that we have tons of experience with installing solar power systems directly into the LADWP grid. Whether you’re from Malibu, DTLA, Long Beach , Venice Beach, Culver City, or maybe as far north because the Valley or Santa Clarita, our team at Energy 4 Less Solaris will take exceptional care into ensuring your solar array installation is compliant with local rules and regulations, all with a hassle-free experience.